Kapp Linné by Snowmobile

Isfjord Radio - Visit with us the Norwegian radio station at the beautiful Kapp-Linné in the very west of the Ice Fjord.

Tour plan

Come with us on a snowmobile trip to the beautiful west coast of Spitsbergen. The tour leads through the snow-covered landscapes at the Grønfjords to the foot of the Grønfjord glacier and finally to the Isfjord radio station. There we enjoy a delicious lunch before we continue to Barentsburg: The small Russian settlement lives from coal mining and conveys Soviet charm. History is alive here. After a sightseeing we drive along the Isfjord coast back to Longyearbyen.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.



From the beginning of March until mid-May.
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- Tour by program
- Guide with safety equipment
- Small private group
- Guide in German
- Warm Snowmobile Dress
- Shoes/Gloves
- Helmet and Goggles
- Lunch and Coffee and Biscuits


- Führer Ausweis B
- You don't need any special scooter knowledge but medium fitness to participate in this tour.


NOK 4.500.- (co-driver NOK 2000.-) from 3 persons


- Warm clothes.
- Don't forget to bring your driver's license!

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