East Coast by Snowmobile

A highlight in winter! On the east coast of the island Spitsbergen, one has good chances to meet the king of the Arctic!

Tour plan

You've been dreaming about seeing a polar bear for a long time? The chances are good on this tour: The 9 hour snowmobile safari takes you to the area where the polar bears live. Other highlights include beautiful glacier fronts and incredible views over the fjord landscape, Barents Island and Edgeøya Island.

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©-Spitzbergen Reisen-2016 Heuglinbreen
©Spitzbergen-Reisen-2016 Storfjorden
©-Spitzbergen Reisen-2016 Isbjørn
©-Spitzbergen Reisen-2016 Gletscherfront
©-Spitzbergen Reisen-2016 Ostküste
©-Spitzbergen Reisen-2016 Hayesbreen
©-Spitzbergen Reisen-2016 Aussicht über den Gletscher
©-Spitzbergen Reisen-2016 Gletscher
©-Spitzbergen Reisen-2015 An der Ostküste Spitzbergens


From the beginning of March until mid-May.
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- Tour by program
- Guide with safety equipment
- Small private group
- English guide
- Warm Snowmobile Dress
- Shoes/Gloves
- Helmet and Goggles
- Lunch and Coffee and Biscuits


- Driving licence class B
- You don't need any special scooter knowledge but medium fitness to participate in this tour.


NOK 4.500.- (co-driver NOK 2000.-) from 3 persons


- Warm clothes
- Driving licence

Tour conducted by Spitsbergen Reisen.

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